A QUILL LADDER by Jennifer Ellis (Review & Interview on Skiffy & Fanty)

My review of A Quill Laddder, the second book in Jennifer Ellis’ Derivatives of Displacement SciFi/Fantasy series for middle-grade readers is up at Skiffy and Fanty:


“…The Derivatives of Displacement begins primarily through the point of view of fourteen-year-old Abbey Sinclair, a budding scientist with a love of physics and puzzles. Practical and analytic, Abbey tries to view the world with a calm reason, but she remains filled with a childlike wonder and imagination that compels her to consider a world beyond her previous understanding. Her boundaries between openness, scepticism, and disbelief become blurred when her older brother discovers a strange collection of stones that allow them, along with Abbey’s twin brother, to travel into another world that appears to be a part of their future…”

Read the full review piece here, and also check out the accompanying interview I did with Ellis on the book, the series, on writing YA/middle-grade novels, on being an indie author, and more!

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